Stampless folded letter with black Montpelier dotted oval, sent to Norman Williams in Woodstock, Vermont, during the War of 1812

Excellent example of a stampless letter with black Montpelier dotted oval. The manuscript 15 ct rate was used during the War of 1812, and reflected the 50% increase on all postal rates. The letter was of a legal nature, and was sent to the noted politician Norman Williams, of Woodstock, Vermont.

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Vermontiana and the War of 1812

Prior to 1777, Vermont found itself the subject of a dispute between the states of New Hampshire, and New York. The governor of New Hampshire, Benning Wentworth had chartered 133 towns before his resignation in 1766. The Lieutenant Governor of New York, Cadwallader Colden, objected to Governor Wentworth's grants, claiming that New York had title to all land West of the Connecticut River. In an attempt to verify his claim, Colden began making conflicting grants.

In 1777, delegates from 28 towns met and voted to become an independent Republic, and cast off all ties to neighboring New York, and New Hampshire. In 1790, New York state was paid $30,00 by the Vermont Republic in order to settle all land claims New York had against Vermont.

An assembly met in 1791 in Bennington, Vermont, to apply for entry as the 14th state to the United states of America. This was finalized and Vermont was admitted to the Union on March 4th, 1791.

Vermontiana takes on many forms. The item offered here is a stampless letter, with a Montpelier dotted oval, used from 1815 to 1817. This letter has a manuscript 15 rate, which was the 10ct rate from Montpelier, Vermont to Woodstock, plus the 50% increase in postage applied during the War of 1812. The stampless letter is dated April 5th, 1815 and was written by Nicholas Bayler, to the famous politician and attorney, Norman Williams, in Woodstock, Vermont.

Some of the information noted here was taken from "The Postal History of Vermont," By George Slawson, Et Al 1969.

What is Vermontiana?

Many would associate the term Vermontiana with a bit of whimsy, as an odd fancy or idle notion would invoke. I have learned that many of the most interesting and important artifacts—in the form of letters, imprints, books, postal history and maps—represent the history of Vermont in it's purest form. Vermontiana allows us to view the history from the viewpoint of those who created Vermont's history as we know it today.

My main area of concentration is from the 1740's to 1820, with emphasis on the war periods, and early ship letters to the United States. Please click on the links below to view my postal history offerings, or contact me directly at . Thanks very much for your interest.

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