Revolutionary War American Soldiers' Letters

Rare Revolutionary war soldier's letter from an American soldier

Rare Revolutionary War soldier's letter from an American soldier, written on October 7th, 1777 from Stillwater, New York, and relates to the Battle of Saratoga, New York, with descriptions of troop movements and the battle.

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One of the scarcest Revolutionary War letter categories is the one involving soldier's letters. They are historically very valuable as they offer an insight into the details of various battles, and conditions often not described in history books. First hand accounts are invaluable as a original source of information pertaining to individual soldiers and the Revolutionary War battles they engaged in.

The same may be said of prisoner's letters, both American and British. In these soldiers' letters we learn valuable information regarding unit identification, and insights into conditions in which prisoners are forced to endure. For those who are interested in the history of the Revolutionary War, original letters and documents are a wonderful source of historical information.

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Pictured above is a rare Revolutionary War American soldier's letter written at the Battle of Bemis Heights October 7th, 1777. The letter was datelined Stillwater October 7th, 1777, and describes a part of the battle when “150 men attacked our guard near our lines... Our men reinforced and fought them about two hours and drove them back through part of their lines... many killed and wounded on both sides... The next day our army pursued and continued firing all Thursday morning.” This is a very historic letter, with insight into the battle that turned the tide during the Revolutionary War in America's favor.

The letter was written to Eastman's mother, or Daniel Eastman, his brother. Thomas Eastman was born in Newton, New Hampshire, October 11, 1740, and died October 17th, 1828 at Newbury, Vermont, at the age of 88.

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