Revolutionary War Ship Mail Letters

Revolutionary War ship letter from Bordeaux France, via Cape Fear to Boston

vf example of a Revolutionary War ship letter from Bordeaux France, via Cape Fear, North Carolina, to Boston, Massachusetts. the 10d rate includes the 2d ship fee, plus 8d for the inland rate to Boston.

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Revolutionary War ship letter

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1782 Revolutionary War Ship letter Bordeaux, France to Boston, Massachusetts

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This is a very unusual Revolutionary War Ship mail letter, written by John Bondfield in Bordeaux, France, to the famous merchant William Vernon, of Newport, Rhode Island, but living in Boston, Massachusetts. The letter is dated January, 26, 1782. The letter is rated as forw'd 10, and was sent using the rates of 1781, which were restored to the 1775 rates in October of 1781. The rate breaks down as follows: 16gr=2d for the ship fee, with an additional 2dwt 16gr= 8d for the distance of 200-300 miles. the total adds up to 10d, which is marked on the address panel. The letter was carried into Cape Fear, North Carolina, by ship, and then by inland mail to Boston.

The letter to Vernon regards business, and the unavailability of ports to use during the war: “our intercourse with your parts of America is so contracted that we are deprived from sending any of the many objects we have suitable for your consumption. The state vessels all tend to Brest, La'Orient, and Nantes, and the merchantmen are either bound to Bilboa or Nantes, that for 2 or 3 years. We have had a single vessel for your port.....We have little prospect of peace here...”

This Revolutionary War ship letter clearly outlines the problems merchants were having in send goods to America during the Revolutionary War period. For more information about mail during this time period and another ship letter example, please see the Colonial ship mail letters page on this website.

The letter is from the collection of Cal Hahn, and his notes accompany the letter.

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