Revolutionary War Express Mail Letters

1782 Revolutionary War express letter

Very fine example of a 1782 Revolutionary War express letter sent from Fort Herkimer, New York to Fort Rensselaer, New York. The letter is endorsed public service, and is endorsed Pr Express.

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A Brief History of Revolutionary War Express Mail

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During the years prior to the Declaration of Independence there were 5 different categories of mail carriers.

One of these categories was express riders hired by either the continental Congress, the Army, or by private interests.

At the outbreak of hostilities between British Forces in America, and French and Indian Armies, the British commanders immediately took steps to insure prompt transportation of the Military mail.

This practice seems to have been carried over into the Revolutionary War period, and use of Military Express riders was common during the war years. Most examples of military mail have the endorsement “on public Service,” and “Express” notations on the address panel of the folded letter. Other letters have been noted that were carried to ships by a military express horseback rider. Often these letters went unanswered as the addressee was either infirmed, or in prison.

Many of these Revolutionary War Express letters were sent between military officers. Letters between forts are also known, as well as mail from civilians to military officers, which also bear the “on public service” endorsement. Some of the information used was taken from the Ter Braake book, “The posted letter in colonial and Revolutionary America.”

Offered are several examples of mail carried by military express rider.

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Revolutionary War Express Mail

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