Rare Early Colonial Postmarks on
Stampless Folded Letters

Stampless folded letter with Natchez, Mississippi 1804 postmark, sent to Vincennes, Indiana Territory

The folded letter pictured here is a fine example of a manuscript postmark used on stampless folded letter. The letter bears a manuscript Natchez (Mississippi) 1804 postmark used while Miss. was a territory. It has a free marking, as it was addressed to a postmaster in Vincennes, Indiana Territory (IT).

Stampless Folded Letters with Rare Early Colonial Postmarks

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In the 19th and 18th centuries letters were taken to the local post office where a manuscript postmark and rate was applied by the postmaster. Many of the early Colonial postmarks are very rare, and highly sought after by collectors. In the late 18th century a straightline hand stamp was used in major cities, in lieu of a manuscript postmark. As time went on, oval, fancy, arc and various other types of hand-stamped postmarks were used on stampless mail. Many of these postmarks are a form of artwork, and are highly prized by collectors around the world.

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