Antebellum & Civil War Era Paper:
Letters, Ballots, Broadsides and more

The period leading up to the American Civil War was fraught with political unrest, and social upheaval. I am pleased to offer various rare paper items for sale, such as Confederate political items and Union soldiers' letters, that are connected with the Civil War and the Antebellum period.

Example of Colonial ship mail letter

On November 6, Davis was elected to a six-year term as established by the Confederate constitution. He remained president until May 5, 1865, when the Confederate government was officially dissolved.

Offered here is a very scarce voted ballot for Jefferson Davis as President, and Alexander Stephens as VP of the Confederates States of America. It is dated Nov. 6th, 1861, and signed on the back by the voter.

Items from the Civil War and Antebellum Period

Much of the discourse associated with the Antebellum period and the Civil War remains in the form of letters, ballots, broadsides, and political and campaign items. The Antebellum period led into the Civil War, which began in 1861 and ended in 1865.

Categories of items I offer for sale on Biblio include:

  • Antebellum letters
  • Political and campaign letters and covers
  • Union ballots
  • Confederate States of America (CSA) ballots
  • Civil War Union soldiers' letters
  • Slavery and plantation letters
  • Civil War Confederate soldiers' letters
  • Union and Confederate patriotic covers
  • Political broadsides and illustrated lettersheets
  • CSA Slavery documents

My current area of concentration is on rare and interesting letters, ballots, covers, and other paper from the Antebellum period and the Civil War. Please click on the links above to view my offerings, or contact me directly at . Thanks very much for your interest.

If you prefer to buy privately, please email me your want list, and I'll send scans of what is available for sale.

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